Commercial Real Estate Connected

Local Expertise Powering a Global Firm

Commercial Real Estate Connected

NAI Global is a leading commercial real estate firm powered by the largest organization of independent commercial real estate brokers in the world.

Strong connections and inspired collaboration are what drive progress.

At NAI Global, we have made it our mission to harness the power of an increasingly interconnected world by creating a leading commercial real estate company underpinned by the largest independent broker organization in the world that not only achieves the goals of both our partner firms and the clients we serve, but advances them beyond expectations.

We believe that by developing an organizational platform that brings together entrepreneurial brokers and firms with those looking to maximize the value of their real estate dealings, we can provide a unique competitive advantage in an industry that runs on strong relationships and reputations measured in decades.

Our structure aligns with our values of transparency, trust, accessibility and collaboration. We are here to help facilitate real estate transactions, give our brokers the global resources to succeed in a competitive space, and lead the industry to the next level.

We understand that a rapidly changing world requires decisive strategic thinking that integrates trends and technology. NAI Global is on the forefront of this commercial real estate revolution and ready to help build our future.

Always Moving Forward

The unique structure of NAI Global provides benefits and competitive advantages that allow stakeholders to thrive in the marketplace.

Global Brokerage

An international presence with a large footprint in both primary and secondary markets.

Local Expertise

Informed regional real estate experts that know the market at a micro-level.

Industry-Leading Resources

Aligning with NAI Global opens up an entire organization worth of resources, thought leadership, and industry development for both clients and brokers.